Creative Wings Workshop: Create An Original Painting


Did you know that there is no wrong way to create art? Do you feel intimidated by the idea of moving from creating from step by step lessons to using your own ideas for original art?

In this 5 part workshop, we will explore these questions…

Where do I begin?

What can I try?

What do I like?

What is my thing?

and How do I keep this going?


You will finish this workshop with a brand new perspective and an original painting created BY YOU!


Note: After purchase, you will receive an email with a receipt for your purchase that includes a link to take you to the tutorial!



I’m going to walk you through lessons to help you create your first original painting…if you’ve never done that before. AND if you have created something original before you will be learning how to find inspiration for making things that are very unique and original to you!

This workshop was recorded live, but you get to watch at your convenience as I walk you through my process when creating an original painting!





I know that you are going to ask me about what supplies you will need for this workshop, so I’m going to tell ya up front….
I’m going to suggest that you use what you already have. If you don’t have any art supplies, you can take a look at my list of favorite supplies here:
BUT….don’t get overwhelmed or go out and spend a fortune on supplies! Ok? Promise?


What Other’s Are Saying About This Workshop:


“I plan to keep going by trying new things and moving forward with the inspiration I’ve gained from Amanda through this workshop. The “my style” day was especially enlightening.” – Sherry McNeely


“I started out years ago with mixed media and then started trying other types of mediums but I have rediscovered that mix media really does call to me and excites my creative spirit!! Thank you Amanda for helping me to find it again!!!” -Shelley Thompson

“I will continue to search for my style and keep experimenting with all types of mediums! Thank you , Amanda Hilburn!” -Terry Wittenauer


“I really think pallet knife painting is my favorite!! You are so inspiring and I want to keep learning more from you!” – Tammy Cross


“I gained so much in the workshop and feel like I’m walking away with more confidence in creating.” – Mandy Shawley

“I’m not going to pressure myself to create what I think Others would want me to create. I’m only doing what I want from now on! I would definitely recommend your classes to a beginner. You are encouraging, patient. I love how you are always encouraging everyone to relax . I love on your videos how it gets messy and you say that’s ok. You do a wonderful job of teaching relax and have fun! Your groups are also full of kind encouraging people! I absolutely loved how encouraging everyone in this group is! It was an amazing experience! Your lives were full of information!” – Tina Jamie


“This workshop has motivated me to keep going!” – Diane McMillan

“You are friendly, encouraging, and teach with a desire to relate to everyone. Beginners and more advanced painters are given the same degree of instruction and guidance. It’s a painting class but a group of painters who encourage one another which would only be possible with Amanda’s gift of teaching!” – Donna Joyce


“A pleasant experience to learn and be encouraged no matter what your level. The techniques you are teaching us are really helping me to gain confidence! And as I have said your kind personality shows through in your work and your words;). Love it!!” – Katrina Coshatt


“Very informative and I learned a lot from your class would recommend to any level of learning.” – Delissa Slimp


“The workshop provides insight into opportunities available to create art, insight into an individuals own style and that as a workshop leader you are thoughtful with the material, generous with your time and an incredibly talented artist who breaks things down into simple steps for those just getting started. I also loved the community that was developed among the participants.” – Karyn Lawrence


“It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I have gained skills and confidence with this group and with Amanda’s thoughtful and honest instruction. This is like therapy for me! My mom has Alzheimer’s and she is an amazing artist, and a wonderful mentor, and I am thankful for the connection we have through art! I am growing as an artist and getting the blessings that are sprinkled throughout this group!” – Melissa Ellington


“As a technical and realistic style painter I have been looking to breakout and get a little more swish to my brush and creativity ! Kindred. Just plain kindred is the spirit fostered on your page and in your workshop community . Amanda you are a come alongside kind of teacher / mentor, being very adept and generous with your gift ! Anyone who has never picked up a brush, but is inclined to try, will succeed ! And a painters gonna paint paint paint paint paint !!!” – Fran Nelson


“This was very informative and I enjoyed it so much and hope to keep going. My sister already wants to join and I will spread the word. Hoping to find out what kind of painter I would be and improve every day. Never thought this would be something I could do.” – Shirley Waldera