Begin To Find Your Painting Style: 4 Step Workshop


Do you struggle with finding your own style as you create art?
Maybe you enjoy step by step lessons but wish you could be a little braver and do more things on your own.
If that’s you…this workshop will help!

I’m so excited to help you with finding your style as an artist!


*Access: Instant
*Teacher Interaction: Self-study
*Content: 25 minute video and instructions for self study with no time limit
*Lessons: 4


This workshop is different from a step by step painting lesson. I don’t teach a “how to” painting but teach you steps to take to begin creating your own BEST work.

Originality is so important as an artist, and I believe that a lot of us teachers are dropping the ball when it comes to helping students find their own style. I’m determined to do my best to help with that. This little workshop helps you to begin to understand how to be inspired by other artist’s work and use skills you’ve been taught to create something that is YOURS.

This is an online workshop with one 25 minute video and 4 actionable assignments to help you begin to find your own style as an artist!

You will receive an email after purchase that allows you to access the workshop link. You may watch and learn at your convenience!


Note: After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to take you to the workshop