Roses From Beginning To End

How I Painted Roses

I painted a new piece today and took photos of it at different stages of the process. I am learning some new things and thought I’d share with you.

First of all I painted the background and then sketched an idea of what I wanted to paint using chalk. Chalking in the sketch is new to me, but I’m LOVING how forgivable it is. I’m not the best at sketching, so using something that I can erase is great.

Roses start to finish 1

I then took deeper hues of blue and filled in the background. I also painted the table area a darker shade and made a few darker areas for shadowing on the blue.Roses start to finish 3

Then I began adding in some mid tones of pinks and cream for my roses. I recently learned to look for the colors and begin placing them with mid range first, then darker, then lightest. I also filled in the greenery in between the flowers.Roses start to finish 4

Here I began adding in some darker crimson shades.

Roses start to finish 5

Added more layers of lighter pinks, creams, and a little more darker crimsons to the flowers and highlighted some of the leaves.

Roses start to finish 6

I sorta got carried away for a bit and forgot to take photos of painting the jar, but you can see that it’s now beginning to come together, too.

Roses start to finish 7

Added a bit more greenery and kept on working with the jar. I also darkened some shadows in the background.

Roses start to finish 8

Here I went back and added some white highlights to the flowers, some free strokes in the background, and darker areas in several places on the flowers. And…’s the finished piece! It will be available in my Etsy shop soon!

Roses start to finish 9

I’ve not named this one yet, so give me your ideas! Leave a comment with your recommendation!

2 Responses

  1. Mary Ferguson

    Love that you shared your technique, Amanda!

    • amanda

      Thank you 🙂 I don’t always follow this technique 🙂 I am a spontaneous painter and sorta go with the flow, but I am glad you enjoyed seeing this one!