Save Your White Paint


Save Your White Paint

Have you ever tried to create depth in your paintings but have a hard time knowing when to use what colors to do that? I’ve found that a light, medium, and dark hue can do the trick, but save your white paint for last!

White is as light as you can get, so it needs to be used sparingly. Watch me in the video below as I demonstrate how I create depth using paint.


I didn’t start out knowing about things like tones, tints, shades, and hues, but you know what??? I learned these things along the way.  (Read my story here.)

Creativity is a blessing, and the skills you need to know to paint can be learned!  If you aren’t confident with your creative process, don’t give up!

Keep going!

Keep learning more!

Your work will improve with practice and time. That’s a fact! 🙂



You can grab a free lesson about what paint to use with a palette knife here: