Say Hello to Josephine the Cow!

JosephineI’d like to introduce Josephine the Cow. She’s a new addition to my shop! Josephine was created with watercolors and a bit of acrylic paint. I chose the name Josephine after asking for suggestions for a name for this piece on Facebook and hearing this sweet story from one of my Facebook fans:

I had asked, “What’s her name gonna be? Give me some ideas!”

This was one response: “Josephine, after my 24 year old cow who recently passed from old age. She was one of a set of twins whose mama only took one, not Josephine. My neighbors brought the newly born baby cow to me, and she spent the first night of her life in my laundry room, surrounded by my kids and me. She had frozen rain and dirt stuck to her. We cleaned her up and used the hair dryer to warm her up. We bottled fed her and the rest is history. We started our own herd from her babies, grandbabies, and great grandbabies. She was a registered Limousine out of Oklahoma, but she apparently thrived here in SC. When her time came, I sat out in the pasture with my dear sweet cow, rubbing her and loving on her, sitting on a towel, crying my eyes out. The vet came and helped ease her into a peaceful long well deserved sleep. She was the best cow we ever bottled raised and we have hand raised any orphan others would bring to us, but Josephine was just special!.”

This story was so sweet that I just had to choose Josephine for the name of this piece. 🙂 Hope you like her!


To purchase prints of Josephine just click on the photo above or this link: Josephine Prints

2 Responses

  1. Lisa

    She’s beautiful! ❤️

    • amanda

      Thank you! 😉