Sometimes I Just Need To Paint

Balancing the tasks of running an online business, teaching online art classes, and finding time for my own creative growth can be tricky. I recently told one of my artists friends that sometimes I just need to paint! I love doing all of the things that are involved in my business and can easily get caught up in details instead of doing what actually helps me most.

I don’t know about you, but I also have to kind of…give myself permission to paint. I know that if I’ll just do it I’ll feel so much better, but painting is so much fun and so therapeutic that it doesn’t FEEL like I’m working when I am in the studio. This week I decided to just paint….I needed uninterrupted studio time just for my own creativity and it was so wonderful!


I put in my earbuds, blocked out the world, turned off my notifications, and painted.

Here’s the result….Happiness In Yellow


I took a wonderful online course from artist Roisin O’Farell a few years back and she said something that has really stuck with me. She was talking about the importance of your studio practice and she said something along the lines of…. “If you aren’t making art. You are not an artist.”  That seems obvious enough, but it can become a problem for artists when we let all the little things get in the way of our studio time.


Do you give yourself permission to just paint? Do you allow yourself time for growth and creative play? If not…why not?




Happiness In Yellow is now available in my shop and you can find it here: Happiness In Yellow







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  1. Skip Berger
    | Reply

    So appreciate the encouragement you give us to just paint! I’ve never sold any of my paintings but have given away dozens of them. Still struggling with how to market my art.
    PS. How do I post to the group what I’m painting without it showing up on my FB feed??

    • Amanda Hilburn
      | Reply

      Marketing begins with sharing what you are painting and glimpses into your process 🙂 If you are wanting to share to the CC Facebook group, it will show up in your feed but only CC members can see it 🙂

  2. Bonnie Penix
    | Reply

    Thanks Amanda! Love the yellowness!

  3. Marilyn Wade
    | Reply

    Yes.i am doing a landscape for someone and it has become a drag..i am half way to the finish line and forcing myself to work on it. It did not help when i ate a bunch of junk food..i think i need to do something fun.i do better when i can devote the day to painting instead of just an hour here and there..oh well. Think i will take a nap..

  4. Marilyn Wade
    | Reply

    Thanks for this post..needed it today.

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