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A Little Studio Tour


This space is always evolving and changing to suit my needs, so by the time I publish this post I will most likely have changed something else. When we moved into this house, I started out with the idea that I wanted an open and airy space with just my easel and a chair. That soon changed when I realized I needed a table and then that changed again when I needed a painting table AND a desk. 

I began with a small table like the one pictured here but found out soon that I needed a LOT more table space. Since I work from home, I need a place to do all the book work, blogging, and all that kind of stuff, too. I try not to take my laptop out of my studio space so that I focus on work in the studio and home in the home 🙂 It doesn’t always work out that way, but I do try. So, now I have a desk area for my computer and files and notes and schedule and paper work, and I have a much larger painting table to use when I am creating and painting. I’ll share the new table with you and how I made it work in just a bit.

A tour of my studio wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that our cats usually join me when I am working. They usually want to get behind my laptop and sleep or they may curl up on my painting apron on my work table. Their cat door that allows them to go out into the garage is also in my studio. They look so funny peeking in the “window” every morning asking to come in.

If you know me, you know that I’m all about recycling and repurposing, so when I realized I needed more table space, I fixed up a table that had been left here in the house when we bought it. I painted and pasted and prettied up this table and it works soooo well!

You can see more about how I did that here: Collage Art Table It was super easy and fun, and I recorded part of the project on video for you to see!

Here’s a shot of what this space looks like most of the time with my easel on top of my table, paints out, extension cords galore, happy supply cart under the table, and art everywhere.

And here’s a shot of my table while I was recording one of my eCourses. It took me a while to get this setup just right. As weird as it may look, it works!

This room has turned out to be just perfect for painting and working. I love being in here. It’s bright and cheerful during the day and warm and inviting at night with my studio lights on.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this Instastory tour that I filmed a few weeks ago. If not, I saved it to share with ya 🙂 (Just so you understand, Instagram stories only let you record a small little segment at a time, so the video seems a little chopped up when you listen to what I am saying.)

And that’s it! My happy room in our house where I paint my little heart out! I hope by sharing this space I can inspire you to get creative and make a place for yourself in your home to do what you love.

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Amanda Hilburn's Studio Tour