Taking Breaks-Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard, Friend

If there is one bit of advice that I could give you that will help you be more productive, more creative, and more successful in your art business it would be take breaks. Taking breaks seems like the LAST thing you need to do, right? I know! It has taken me years to convince myself that it’s true. I know from experience that if you keep going full speed, you will eventually crash and burn and then you are no help to anyone!

I’ve noticed a cycle in my life, and now I recognize when I need to take a break. Here’s what usually happens to me…

  1. I’m working, working, working. I’m producing great art, blogging, making videos, keeping laundry done, making meals for my people, and doing a decent job at balancing it all.
  2. I begin to slack up in some area because I get tired. Something begins to slide and the quality goes downhill. (usually housework but eventually artwork).
  3. I see that I’m not doing all the things well and get frustrated.
  4. I’m not doing anything well because of the overwhelming chaos.
  5. I shut down. I sit on the couch and don’t do anything. (this is normally the part where I cry and my family runs to do a load of laundry for me LOL!)

While delegating tasks and hiring help has been great for handling my overwhelm, recognizing when I need a break is vital to my stamina! Instead of waiting until I’m in tears on the couch, now I can see it coming way before it gets to that. I slow down back up at # 2 when I begin to get tired.

It should be common sense to know that you need to rest when you are tired, right? Well what if you love doing something so much that you don’t really see it as work and you just keep on going? That’s what happens to me. When you love what you do, you want to keep going! When you have an awesome idea, you want to work on plans to make it happen! It’s fun! It’s exciting! It’s making a difference in other people’s lives! But… it’s still work 🙂


Artist Friend,

If you are working on your passion and you get tired, rest.

Don’t stop permanently.

Just take breaks.

Don’t push yourself too hard or you may shut down and you won’t make any progress at all!


With Much Love,



  1. Donna

    Good advice Amanda. I find if my house is a mess, I cant be productive or creative. I evaluated my life, where was I going, what was using up my energy and made some changes. First I started decluttering to have less housework to do. Next I reorganized my Art space and paints. I make it my purpose to clean the kitchen everyday. So far so good! Its important to pace yourself and have balance in your life.