Thankful Little Bluebirds and a Giveaway

This is my new painting apron that I really love 🙂

In a world reeling in chaos, fear, and what can appear to be hopelessness, we all could use some reminders of what is right, lovely, and good. These blessings are all around every one of us every day, but we have to intentionally look for them!

I have found that if I keep track of the things that I see every day that are right, lovely, and good, it changes my mindset, and I begin to see life for what it is…a blessing from God.

I have also found that if I find ways to give things that are right, lovely, and good to others, it helps the giver just as much (or more) than the receiver. For example, last month, I gave away an original painting to a sweet customer who had it framed and then excitedly shared a photo of it with me. It totally made my day! I love that something I made and gave someone else brought some joy to their life.

So, beginning this month, I purpose to give away at least one thing from my shop every month.

It may be a painting, a pillow, or a framed print. I want to continue to spread this happiness on a regular basis. After all, you all are the reason I have this business and your happiness is a huge part of why I choose to keep on painting!

BUT….You know what? We can all do this! You don’t have to give away paintings. You can start by looking for good things in the everyday, simpleness of your life and sharing those Little Vintage Bluebirdthings with others! So in addition to my monthly giveaways, let’s look together and find and share lovely things with one another on social media!

Here’s the plan….Make a note and/or take a photo each time you find something right, lovely, and good and share them on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ThankfulLittleBluebirds 

I believe this could be a great way to spread happiness, and we can all be “bluebirds on each others shoulders”.


Now on to the giveaway!

This month I am giving away this sweet little 5×7 original mixed media canvas painting. It begins on Wednesday, June 15th and ends on Wednesday, June 22nd. The winner will be notified by email. Just follow the directions below to enter!

Peonies and Peace
a Rafflecopter giveaway

(This giveaway is for US residents only. You must be 18 yrs. old to enter. There will only be one random winner chosen by the Rafflecopter software.)

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(The vintage bluebird graphic came from my sweet friend Keren at  Free Pretty Things For You)

13 Responses

  1. Helen Evans

    I think this new happiness project will be a blessing to many and is a great idea!

  2. Courtney

    I love the idea of spreading some happiness around. With all the negativity in the world and covering social media, people need to share the simple pleasures in life and being kind to one another.

  3. Betty

    So oretty! Such a generous thing to do Amanda! I’m sure the lucky winner will love this masterpiece! Good luck all.

  4. Sandra Moak

    I love your idea of spreading happiness! And I love your work?

  5. Faye-Marie Adams

    Thank you for this Idea, it’s to easy to withdraw or get upset in challenging times, it’s brave to stand out and promote positive energy. This inspires us to do this 🙂

  6. lisa brown

    Your paintings are so pretty! We should all count our blessings and try to be more positive.

  7. Cecilia Sutton

    What a nice idea. Love the picture you chose too. Have a blessed day!

  8. Daphne Redmon

    I just love your idea! There is so much negativity/bad in our world right now that we need this. Thank you for stepping out and doing it. So many times we don’t follow through with ideas God has given us.

  9. Jessie Goodwin

    I definitely think this is a great idea and something I need to remind myself of, more often.

  10. Margaret Wurth

    I think it will make people a better person

  11. April Lopez

    I think it’s a great idea. So much sadness and hate in the world. We need to fill it with ‘happy’ !

  12. Terri

    I love the idea of posting on Facebook and/or Instagram each time you see something right, lovely, etc. I think, especially right now, there is so much negativity in the world — so much hate. I am so glad you had this wonderful idea.

  13. Daphne Redmon

    Love, love, love your things!!! God blessed you with so much talent!