How To Frame Original Art

Framing art can really elevate its beauty. In this video I show you a little trick to create original canvas art customized to fit beautiful frames!

Painting A Spring Landscape

  Relax and enjoy the process of painting a spring landscape in acrylics! If you’d like more info about the library of painting tutorials that I … Read More

Spend the Day With Me

  This week I’m vlogging. Join me as I varnish a painting, go thrift shopping, scan paintings, and show you my newest digital skills.


This week’s Tuesday at 2 tip is all about painting on paper! Did you know that you can use watercolor paper with acrylic paint? It’s a … Read More

Framing Your Art

  Welcome to my latest tutorial pulled from my weekly Tuesday at 2 live session on Facebook! In this video, I’ll guide you through the simple … Read More

How to Mix Muted Colors

Muted colors bring a calm and classy vibe to paintings, and I use mostly muted colors as my color palette. If you want to add a … Read More

Balancing Life and Creativity

There is a common problem that we all face….time. In the whirlwind of our crazy lives, squeezing in time for personal passions, especially fun things like … Read More

Sketching a Peony

I love creating anything floral, and painting flowers is one of my favorite things. However, drawing is one of my least favorites because it feels tight, … Read More

Mixed Media Snowmen

I have a Christmas tree with a snowman theme. It’s a newer tree, so I don’t have many ornaments yet. Since I need more, I’ve been … Read More

Go Shopping With Me

  Go with me to my local art supply store and see what I bought! This is the first time I’ve tried vlogging out in public … Read More

Mixed Media Girl Part 2

I finished her up and she didn’t turn out at all like I had expected. She’s a peaceful nature lover who puts her trust in God. … Read More

Painting A Pretty Room

I’ve been playing with interiors lately and love that I can create and design everything from wallpaper to flower arrangements in these imaginary settings. It’s almost … Read More

How My Art Style Has Changed

Throughout my artistic journey, my style has changed over and over again. When I started creating art, I was heavily influenced by whimsical collage work and … Read More

Painting Roses in Acrylics

  I think roses are my favorite flowers to paint. Painting roses in acrylics in my sketchbook makes me happy and relaxed. I hope this video … Read More

I Design Fabric, Too!

You may not know it, but I am not just an art teacher. I also design fabric! I have a whole collection of designs available as … Read More

Antique Paint Colors

  I was asked this question in a live Q&A time inside my painting membership, The Little Bluebird Creative Community. This is a little color swatching … Read More

Color Temperature

This tutorial is all about color temperature. I have fun playing with a reproduction of one of my favorite paintings by Van Gogh and give you … Read More

Painting Over Old Work

I love to make old things like new. I love rearranging furniture, making a room more cozy, giving my website a new look, changing aesthetics of … Read More

How to Paint Foxgloves

Painting flowers is my favorite and this flower is one that’s perfect for my palette knife. Foxgloves are beautiful flowers and I hope you enjoy painting … Read More

Paint Clouds With Me!

Clouds are one of my favorite things to paint. You can really get some great fluffy texture using a palette knife. Let me show you how … Read More

Making A Painting Tutorial

In this behind the scenes art studio vlog, I’m creating a tutorial for my art & art biz membership, The Little Bluebird Creative Community. This video … Read More

Nothing Is Completely Original

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, or crippled by the thought of finding your style as an artist, this video is for you!  

Painterly: A Free Workshop

Have you ever tried to paint something really loosely…messy…painterly? I used to try so hard to get that look and failed over and over again until … Read More

Make Time For Creativity

This video was recorded live on my Facebook page. I’m playing with watercolors and challenging you to take a few minutes every day to create. Just … Read More

Relaxing Painting Vlog

Hi there! It’s me, Amanda, and I have a new relaxing painting video to share with you! I’ve been working on several coastal paintings for my … Read More

How To Mix this Dreamy Pink

Not all reds are created equal. Some brands that are labeled with the same hue end up looking totally different when you mix them when white. … Read More

New Landscape Paintings

    I’ve been working on a series of landscapes and they are now available in my shop! I find so much peace while painting landscapes. … Read More

What Kind Of Paint?

Have you ever tried painting with a palette knife and got frustrated? Have you ever wondered how artists get that textured, layered look that shows brush … Read More

New Original Art

I’ve been on a little “staycation” at home for a couple of weeks. I took some time off from creating classes and workshops and focused on … Read More

Are You Waiting On Perfection?

I’ve been painting irises and thinking about how I don’t know everything that there is to know about painting. Let’s chat about waiting until you know … Read More

Updating Older Paintings

I’ve been working on doing some fun and exciting work updating older paintings that I was not 100% happy with. Updating older paintings is something I … Read More

Sometimes I Just Need To Paint

Balancing the tasks of running an online business, teaching online art classes, and finding time for my own creative growth can be tricky. I recently told … Read More

Palette Knife Painting Flowers

Palette Knife Painting   I love palette knife painting and especially love painting flowers. Hydrangeas are the most fun and probably one of the best choices … Read More

Painting Small Studies

  Finding time to paint can be hard. We all have busy lives, but if you want to improve your art and create more original paintings … Read More

Palette Knife Flower Painting Time Lapse Video

This palette knife flower painting time lapse video is a tutorial that you can learn from in real time here:  Get the supply list, real … Read More

Burnout Is A Real Thing

  Burnout…is a real thing, and I’m in the midst of it.   I’ve been pushing myself too hard for too long. Years of non-stop creating, … Read More

Abstract Watercolor Rose Video

Abstract Watercolor Rose Video Watch me play with watercolors and paint an abstract watercolor rose on paper. Watercolor is not the medium that I use most … Read More

The Mixed Media Collection

Shop a collection of original mixed media paintings! These paintings are all created with a large variety of supplies that vary from vintage graphics to burlap. … Read More

My First Artist Vlog

So…I did a thing today. I created my first vlog on my YouTube channel. It was a challenge, as all new things tend to be, but … Read More

Deep Southern Roots Collection

“There’s no place like home.” Dirt roads, mossy trees, barns and bird dogs…my Deep Southern Roots Collection is all about the deep south, the place I … Read More

Abstract Play

I’ve been playing with the idea of painting a collection of abstract florals and landscapes. This big 36 x 36 canvas was a playground for me … Read More

The Bloom Collection

The Bloom Collection is here!   Y’all!! There are new original paintings in the shop, and I’m so excited to share them with you! These girls … Read More

Varnishing Mixed Media Art

Varnishing Mixed Media Art Varnishing mixed media art can be tricky. There are no limits to mediums when you are creating mixed media art, but there … Read More

Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

Varnishing Acrylic Paintings (This post contains affiliate links.) There are many reasons why I varnish my acrylic paintings. Here are just a few. It gives the … Read More

Color Combos That I Love

  Color Combos That I Love Using colors that compliment each other is really important. You can look at a color wheel to help you make … Read More

Cool and Warm Colors

  Cool and Warm Colors Knowing a little bit about color temperature will help you achieve more depth with your paintings. Some colors are considered cool … Read More

Beverly’s Story

Today I want you to meet Beverly Parsneau. Her experience with how art can heal is just amazing!   Here’s Beverly’s Story… I’m a retired middle … Read More

Melissa’s Story

I would like to introduce you to Melissa Ellington. In the past, she never felt comfortable calling herself an artist, but after joining our Creative Community … Read More

Framing Canvas Art

  Framing Canvas Art There is nothing that can really finish a painting like a frame. I’ve been so surprised by how some of my smaller … Read More

An Inspiring Community!

An Inspiring Community   “Those jellyfish you recently painted were so beautiful! Where did you get the idea to paint jellyfish?” Someone recently asked me this … Read More

Save Your White Paint

  Save Your White Paint Have you ever tried to create depth in your paintings but have a hard time knowing when to use what colors … Read More

Why I Like Thick Paint

Thick Paint There are so many options out there when you begin looking for paint. Acrylics are my favorites for many reasons! I love the variety … Read More

Odd Is Best…Usually

Have you ever heard this quote before? “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” It’s attributed to artist, Pablo … Read More

Paint Your Story

Paint all the things that you love in your own hand made journal. It’s a painted diary about you. Let’s paint your story. Y’all! I have … Read More

5 Day Creative Challenge

We are having a fun week of daily prompts over in my free Facebook group! I’m hosting a 5 day creative challenge! Whoo hoo! Are you … Read More

New Beginnings Collection

I’m excited to announce the release of my new collection of original artwork, New Beginnings! This series features nests, eggs, and birds in sizes 4×4 -11×14. … Read More

Shop My Studio

Some of my favorite things are right here in this space. It’s my private art studio. This room is in our home, and I thought I’d … Read More

12 Days of Creativity!

I know you’ve seen other bloggers and creatives on social media doing some kind of 12 Days of Christmas type of sale or gift giving ideas. … Read More

Palette Knife Sunflowers

  This piece started out as a pitcher of pink roses, but I recorded a video as I changed these flowers to something that I liked … Read More

Giving A Painting A Makeover

Painting Makeover Taking old paintings and giving them new life is so rewarding to me. Here’s how I gave this painting a little makeover. Sometimes paintings … Read More

New Products!

I’ve got two new prints now available in the shop! These new products are available with these designs now. Canvas Prints! AND….Journals!! AND…..Zipper Pouches, too!!! Find … Read More

Be Happy

This month in The Little Bluebird Creative Community we are creating all things transportation related! This cute little guy is one of our projects and he’s … Read More

My Top 5 Prints for 2017

For 2017, these have been the most popular prints in my shop. You all chose these more than any others. They are the top 5 prints … Read More

A Gift Of Creativity To You!

A Gift of Creativity In December! I have exciting news for you! If you have been on the fence about joining The Little Bluebird Creative Community, … Read More

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Order Your Custom Christmas Ornaments Now It’s that time of year again! I am taking orders for custom Christmas ornaments! Yay! Here are a few examples … Read More

Place Mat Pillows

Place Mat Pillows Place mat pillows are super easy to make, and they are a great and thrifty way to add some fun seasonal décor to … Read More

Fall Is My Fave…Now

Fall Is My Fave…Now I can say that fall is my fave now, but when I was a little girl…..not so much. It was the time … Read More

Buffet Makeover

I was recently scrolling through my Pinterest boards and got inspired to paint this buffet table that we have had for years. It was being stored … Read More

Shabby Chic Pumpkin Collection

I’m so excited about this new collection of shabby chic pumpkin paintings that will be released and ready for you to purchase on September 1st! Here’s … Read More

Painted Rocks

Painting rocks and hiding them all over town has become a VERY popular pastime in our area! I mean, people are serious about this painted rock … Read More

Studio Tour

A Little Studio Tour   This space is always evolving and changing to suit my needs, so by the time I publish this post I will … Read More

One Of My Struggles

We All Have Struggles I like to find inspiring Bible verses, quotes, and ideas to share with others. I love adding them to my artwork  to … Read More

A Bright Bouquet

A New Time Lapse Video   Here’s a fun new time lapse video for you. In this video I painted a bright bouquet of flowers and … Read More

New Mini Paintings

I have several new mini paintings available in the shop today! These were so much fun to create. Each one is unique and original and they all … Read More

Collage Art Table

Fixing It Up: My Collage Art Table I just moved an old table into my studio and fixed it up with scraps of collage papers! It is … Read More

Cat Love: Our Cats on Instagram

This cat, y’all! ??? #catsofinstagram #spoiled #gimlithecat A post shared by Amanda Hilburn (@thelittlebluebirdgallery) on May 24, 2017 at 3:54pm PDT Sleepy time with Preston ? … Read More

Facebook Live

  If you are on Facebook, I’m pretty sure you have seen the new “LIVE” option. I’m just getting started with this whole live video thing. It’s … Read More

Inspirational Girls Prints

I have four new inspirational girls prints in the shop. These paintings are all pretty personal. I tend to create these girls when I am feeling … Read More

Print Sale!

I’m Having A Sale! Have you seen the new matted and signed prints that are now available in my shop? I am super excited to be … Read More

The Floral Collection

Now available in my shop is…..The Floral Collection! I have several new floral pieces ready and would love for you to come by and take a … Read More

Space and Grace

Have you noticed how many books and blog posts and articles have been written lately about downsizing, living intentionally, decluttering, and living a more simplified life? Then there are … Read More

Fill’er Up

  It has been almost a month since my last blog post! I had some updating to do to the inside (technical parts) of my website, … Read More

Painting Rosalee

This is Rosalee. She is the new chick in The Little Bluebird Gallery. I just painted her today and love her shabby chic looks!  🙂 She … Read More

Quiet Courage

Quiet… I love the thought of it and the reality of it. I have always disliked noise. Big crowds make me feel nervous and drained. I … Read More

Live in the Sunshine

These happy sunflowers are a reminder to look on the bright side and acknowledge the blessings all around you every day! Living in the sunshine will … Read More

Southern Charm

I love peonies…well, I really love all flowers but peonies are one of my favorites. This new piece is inspired by a photo from the latest … Read More

Farm Animal Collection

I’ve been working on a series of whimsical farm animals on linen canvases. They are all mixed media pieces, and I am still in the process … Read More


I have a new print in my shop today! Gather is a new mixed media piece that is now available in two print sizes 5×7 and … Read More

Shabby Chic Flair

Mixed Media Animal Art With Shabby Chic Flair I have been experimenting with art for several years now. Many of you have watched me as I … Read More

My Creative Spot

  I spent an afternoon last week cleaning out and rearranging in our extra room. This room holds a lot of creative…um…stuff 🙂 and it gets … Read More


It has been a while since I tried something brave and bold. It has really been a while since I just painted without worrying about all … Read More

Outdoor Play

I have had a long stretch of artist block due to…let’s see… stress, bills, family illnesses, housework, home schooling, spider infestations (don’t even ask!). It’s just … Read More

Fall Is Coming!

  I’ve been having lots of fun with watercolors and pumpkins this week!  I’m hoping to continue to have more fall items to come! Right now … Read More


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Sweet Silhouettes

I wanted to share these new pieces with you. I recently painted two more silhouette pieces from customer’s photos. I really enjoy doing these pieces because … Read More

Woodland Whimsy

I just finished up a set of funky woodland animals for a customer. We have Funky Mr. Owl…. The Funky Bunny…..   And Funky Mr. Fox … Read More

2014 Calendars

 I’ve spent all afternoon designing these new calendars and I’m so excited about them!!!  I worked to make sure that these offer you more than last … Read More

Artist Study: Eric Carle

This week we’ve done something a little different for artist study. In the past, when I chose an artist it has been someone like Monet or … Read More

New Technique!

This is my new piece called WINGS OF LOVE. It’s an experiment of sorts. I love the look of texture on a canvas, but had never tried … Read More

I’ll Fly Away….

I just love birds…and art…and birds!  I try my best to make some things that would appeal to everyone, but I just can’t stop with the … Read More

Cute Little Foxes

Okay…so some folks just don’t like birds. Well, what about foxes? I’ve been working on this idea for a while but just haven’t really done much … Read More

Birdies with Bling

This week I found these wooden blanks at our local craft shop and decided I could really fix them up! They have turned out to be … Read More

Art Project

The kids studied Renoir this week and painted a still life painting. They really did a great job! Our project book suggested using something like a … Read More