The Breakthrough Sessions Are Coming!


Dear Fearful Creative,

The free challenge you asked for is coming!

The Breakthrough Sessions will begin this Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020 !

I’ll release a new video with an assignment every Thursday for 5 weeks. I’ll share it on my Facebook page, on my YouTube channel, and on my blog.

You can also be sure you don’t miss each week’s instruction and challenge prompt by getting on my email list for a reminder each week.

What will you get out of these sessions?
1. Begin to create without fear
2. Find time to create more
3. Learn to see color differently
4. Make things you love
5. Create in your own unique style and voice

Make this year a breakthrough year for your creativity! Commit to working through this challenge with me by commenting below with #breakthroughthefear

I’m so excited to show you what you can do when you give yourself permission to let go of fear!



Get notified when each session is ready here:

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