Updating Older Paintings

I’ve been working on doing some fun and exciting work updating older paintings that I was not 100% happy with. Updating older paintings is something I do all the time. It is something that I’ve always done. In the beginning of my art journey, I recycled canvases because I needed to conserve supplies. Now I do it because I teach and often paint the same thing several times for lessons.


This live video on Facebook shows my process and how I think through and problem solve as I update an older painting.

I was preparing for a live sale on my Facebook page, and I ended up repainting several paintings. Here are a few that got new looks…







This is a really great way for you to practice taking a lesson or tutorial that you’ve learned and change it up! Make it yours! Play with different background ideas or color palettes! You may be surprised by how much different a painting looks with just one little tweak…like a background color change.

I am always encouraging my Creative Community members to work towards finding what they love and doing more of that.

My Creative Community is currently closed as I work with our members and concentrate on serving them to the best of my ability.

HOWEVER….I am going to have a little opening to my waitlist in May! If you’d like to learn more about my Creative Community, you can see more here: My Creative Community


Are you on the list? You can jump on it here…


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