Why I Like Thick Paint

Thick Paint

There are so many options out there when you begin looking for paint. Acrylics are my favorites for many reasons! I love the variety of mediums that can be mixed with them, and I love that you can purchase acrylic paint that is super thick or super thin. Another name for thick paint is heavy bodied paint. Heavy bodied acrylics are my very favorite medium to use with palette knife painting. In this video below, I discuss and demonstrate why I like to use thick acrylic paint when I am painting with a palette knife.



This information is my own personal opinion based on several years of experimenting with different paints, mediums, and techniques. Did you know that I have no formal training in art or the business side of it all. I’m just a girl with a palette knife and a giant dream. Creating art and sharing my love for it is what I enjoy most!  I believe that anyone can be an artist and if you are determined you can also have an art business! My website has options to help you reach your own goals as a beginner artist, intermediate artist, or even business owner!!

There are several options for everyone here on my website and hope you take a minute to look around.


Here are a few things I suggest.


For beginners or Intermediates:

You may be interested in trying my free tutorial first: Free Painting Lesson

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For Business Owners:

I have a course just for you! Brave Wings walks you through my own journey as an online artist and helps you get your own business started!


For Everyone (beginners, intermediates, and business owners):

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