Words From My Heart: What Art Can Do For You

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I believe that creativity is therapeutic, and it is part of who we are. Creativity is a gift from God, and it can change your life.

-Amanda Hilburn








Art is so much more than home decor. I’ve learned so much in the past few years because I have allowed creativity into my life. I’ve created a new way of life for myself without even realizing it, and it’s all because I picked up a paint brush and gave myself a creative outlet. This reality came to me a few days ago. I sat down and typed out a few words from my heart about what art has done for me, and what it can do for you.

Here’s my list of art for your heart: what art can do for you.

Creativity can…

  1. Give you permission to be you
  2. Force you to learn to say no or say yes
  3. Help you to be brave in making choices that are hard
  4. Allow you to be kind to others
  5. Help you see beauty in ordinary things
  6. Encourage you to live purposefully
  7. Give you opportunities to help others
  8. Show you how to be kind to yourself
  9. Motivate you to do things you never dreamed of before
  10. Encourage you when you need that extra little boost

I plan to elaborate on each of these things in a series of blog posts. My hope and prayer is that you will be inspired, motivated, and encouraged by my experience and see creativity for what it really is….a life changing gift.

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Here’s a time lapse video of me creating this inspirational girl. Hope you enjoy!

Read part 2 here: https://artbyamandahilburn.com/art-can-part-2-permission/

4 Responses

  1. Shelley Raham

    I love it! So inspiring! thank you so much for sharing your talent and with us!

    • amanda

      I’m so happy you found it inspiring. I am thankful for you 🙂

  2. Carol

    You are so talented ! Beautiful!

    • amanda

      Thank you, Carol 🙂