Workboxes Re-Worked

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Since our use of work boxes seems to be one of the most popular subjects on my blog, I thought I’d share a few changes we’ve made recently concerning these little containers. We have used work boxes for several years now and every year seems to call for a little bit of tweaking to make these boxes keep on working. (By the way….Did you know that making changes in your home school is not a sign of failure? If you see a need for change that will make your days easier, help your child understand something better, or keep a kid from crying, stressing, and detesting learning, by all means CHANGE IT!!)

Okay, back to the subject at hand…
I made a few changes to our work box system because of these reasons:
1. The kids requested it.
2. We are NOT morning people in this house!
3. It gives me a little more freedom to get some things done in the morning.
4. The children are getting older and are more able to do more subjects on their own.

Our changes are not big or complicated. Here’s how it now works.
~ I fill the boxes the night before (like always), and I put things in boxes 1-5 that are subjects that the kids can do on their own.
~ Box 6 is the “work with Mom” box for both children (there are only 6 boxes per child, by the way). I put things in box 6 that they will need me to help them with.
~ After breakfast and chores I can now say, “Okay guys, go work on your boxes!” While they do their work I can get laundry started, clean up the kitchen, take a shower, fold clothes, check email, WHATEVER! WOO HOO!
~ I get my stuff done while they work on boxes 1-5 and I assist if needed. Then one kiddo gets a break while I do box 6 with the other. Then we switch!
~ We do our family subjects last, and sometimes those subjects are done after lunch. These are things like: history, science, art, composer study, nature journals, etc.

So far, this has worked out really well for my now 4th and 5th graders! However, if for some unseen reason we need to change it…..we will!