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Business Tribe


Do you need help with all of the business things?

The Little Bluebird Business Tribe is a place for introverted artists who own a business or want to begin a business.

This group helps you with your individual needs, your specific business related questions, and helps you with making your business more introvert friendly.

There's no month long course that makes you wait on the topic you need or pages and pages of books for you to dig through to get the specific answers you need. We get to the point and get you answers so you can get to where you want to be!

Offering What I Couldn't Find

Over the past several years, I've been searching for business help from someone who understands my needs as an introvert. I've been looking for permission to be quiet, intentional, thoughtful, and authentic as an entrepreneur. Most business coaches and courses overwhelm me.

I've been looking for a way to be an artist in business without feeling fake or draining myself of energy and creativity. I haven't found what I was looking for anywhere I decided to create this place for myself and others.

When you become a Business Tribe Member

You will get access to a resource page full of goodies and updates on a regular basis.  We will meet once a week inside the Business Tribe Facebook group to discuss business tips, relevant advice for all my creative introverted friends, answer your questions, and help you develop quiet courage.

So what is quiet courage?

  • It's permission to be your quiet self in a world that is shouting at you to live loudly.
  • It's listening to your body when it's telling you to slow down while all the other entrepreneurs are telling you to hustle harder.
  • It's gently pushing the boundaries of fear and doing brave things.
  • It's knowing when you've reached your limits and having the guts to say no.

It's the bravery that sometimes only YOU know about...and that's the biggest kind of courage. 

I can’t wait to see what some of your unique business questions are so we can help you tackle those hurdles!  


I can’t wait to see you inside the Tribe!

Now Accepting Founding Members!

Help me curate and create an amazing environment for introverted artists. Your input will be heard and your ideas will be important!

Right off the bat you will get... 

    • Exclusive resource pages on my website with instruction via video.
    • Access to a private Facebook group where I will deliver new business information weekly!
    • A tribe of like minded creatives all working on making their hobby a business.

Join The Little Bluebird Business Tribe

$37 per month for access to The Little Bluebird Business Tribe

The group will be closing on August 23rd.

All founding members will be locked in at the price they begin with.


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Or... $67 per month for access to the Creative Community plus the Business Tribe


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