Biz Tribe


The Little Bluebird Business Tribe is a comfortable place to learn and grow your online art business.

What do I mean by comfortable?

Well..personally, I need slow, steady, intentional plans for myself and my business.

My creative mind is already working 90 miles a minute with ideas, so I need help with slowing down and thinking through business ideas.

I don't like hype. I am very quiet and introverted, so I tire easily from a lot of social interaction. I need calmness to think, not loud, energized motivation and gatherings.

So, in order to serve others authentically, I have to offer a slower paced, quiet and comfortable place. Otherwise, I would not be real. I wouldn't be sharing the things that honestly work or don't work for me.

I've been doing this for almost a decade, and I know that it takes a lot of effort, determination, and discipline to do the business side of this. I still struggle...a LOT. I never want it to appear that I have everything all together, because that's just not being honest. This is hard work, but it's very rewarding work that CAN be done by those of us who are more introverted.

My tribe is not for everyone. BUT if you can relate to my own need for quiet, comfortable, slow and steady planning and business's definitely for you!


Our current schedule includes a training video on the topic of the month, an assigned prompt to help you get things done, a video about what's currently going on in my business, and a live Q&A in our Facebook group.

In addition to the new topics each week, you will have access to previous month's topics, prompts, and live sessions.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Training Video

Week 2: Quiet Courage Prompt

Week 3: In My Studio

Week 4: Live Q&A

September 2019
The Business Tribe is open to new members now!
You may join us here for just $37/month!