Permission To Paint; Loose Acrylic Florals

Give Yourself Permission To Paint

Sometimes I get overwhelmed and burned out.

When I do, something inside my creative mind has to be allowed space to just paint without an agenda.

No pressure to create to sell.

No stress to create something that would be easy for students to learn.

No constraints of medium, technique, or color palette.

Recently, I had a good, hour long, relaxing Facebook Live video where I just painted for the process and created this loose acrylic floral. This was the outcome, but the outcome is not as important to me as the permission I gave myself to really enjoy the process of creating it.

There are times for planning and creating with a purpose, but there also has to be time for freedom, experimentation, and improving your creative process.

Do you allow yourself to do this occasionally?

Do you need someone to cheer you on?

I give YOU permission to paint for YOU!


You can watch the replay of the video here. I want to encourage you to find time in your week to create something without restraints. Give yourself permission to paint!

4 Responses

  1. Carrie

    This is such a beautiful painting! I’ve been learning to paint still life with oils, but this has me wanting to change it up and try an abstract with acrylics:)

    • Amanda Hilburn

      Thank you! I love acrylics but I’ve been playing with water soluble oils, too! You should give it a try! I like that acrylics dry quickly.

  2. Delissa Slimp

    This is beautiful I just love it!

    • Amanda Hilburn

      Thank you so much! I had fun painting it 🙂