How To Paint Roses and Peonies: a Flora Workshop with Amanda Hilburn


– Learn to paint impressionistic roses and peonies
– Paint beautiful flowers in an impressionistic style
– This is the perfect class for beginners or experienced artists
– Learn from a professional artist how to paint this beautiful subject


In this workshop I will help you loosen up and paint roses and peonies with a brush in an impressionistic style. You will also learn about painting from reference photos, opaque and transparent color, and so much more!


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Do you feel stressed out and want to do something relaxing? Take a deep breath, because this workshop will teach you how to paint in an impressionistic style. Grab your brush and get ready for some fun! You’ll learn about painting from reference photos, opaque colors versus transparent colors, layering techniques that are used by many famous artists such as Monet. This is the perfect activity for people who enjoy using their hands on art projects while learning new skills at the same time.



This workshop is a prerecorded lesson that you may work through at your own pace.

You will feel like you are in a one on one meeting with the instructor. The prerecorded lesson is broken up into parts and can be watched at your own pace, so it never feels overwhelming or difficult to catch-up later if something comes before another segment of video.

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Supplies Needed:

  • canvas or other surface (I used my sketchbook)
  • a small flat paint brush
  • acrylic paint in these colors: indian yellow, burnt umber, quinacridone red, white, and sap green



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