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Melissa’s Story

I would like to introduce you to Melissa Ellington. In the past, she never felt comfortable calling herself an artist, but after joining our Creative Community she does! AND she is selling her artwork!!! Amazing!! Encouraging!! and just one of many!!!

Here’s her story…. Read more here

Beverly’s Story

Today I want you to meet Beverly Parsneau. Her experience with how art can heal is just amazing!


Here’s Beverly’s Story… Read More Here


Christie's Story

Meet Christie Hawkins! She is the owner of The Social Easel and is a wonderful example of how artists should never stop growing and learning!


Here’s Christie’s Story…Read More Here

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Amanda has created a great Creative Community. Her videos can be watched at anytime and in any order. Amanda’s teaching style has pushed me past the “perfect” painting to one that is loose, free and a little messy! I’m so glad I joined! - Jeri I.
Taking Your Art To The Next Level

The Creative Community provides an opportunity to learn new skills and to practice with others or at your own pace. Amanda is so encouraging and explains concepts clearly. I have not been on long but I am confident that I’m in the right place to move my art to the next level.  -Sue Baker

The Little Bluebird Creative Community

If you are looking for fun or challenging painting techniques and a supportive group to share with, Amanda Hilburn’s Creative Group is for you!
Amanda has found her perfect niche as a teaching artist! She is patient, creative, informative, and always looking for inspirational ways to meet the needs and wants of our group members. Joining her Creative Group was the best gift I have given myself in a long time!
I also love that she thinks our work is cool enough to share on her website! ❤️ - Debbie Person

The Little Bluebird Gallery

I found Amanda because I was looking for a Pallet Knife Painting online class! So glad her site popped up! I am an artist but very much set in my ways! Learning from Amanda’s toutorials has been so good for me! I have made myself do something different and I LOVE it! I love being a part of the group which is always positive and where I find many other artists thinking a lot like I do! Amanda always answers questions quickly and is willing to help us in any way she can! Highly recommend giving this a try, you will be so glad that you did!  - Debbie Grove

Amazing Instruction

So glad I stumbled onto Amanda's art a year or so ago. Joined her site to learn to paint because she made it seem easy for a non-artist to learn. I watch her videos for painting lessons/tips and yet, at the same time, my spirit is always calmed by her voice when I'm having a hectic day. Looking forward to my "first" painting.  -Rhonda Jordan

My Happy Place

If your looking for something to be, relaxing & make you smile, this is it, the happy place. I can't draw a stick, but this seems to make me, feel creative, in my own way! I practice a lot, watch videos, & just keep trying different things. Amanda is patient, kind & explains the lessons, in a simple way. Joining the group, has been my gift, to me! - Shannon Lusa