How to Mix Muted Colors

Muted colors bring a calm and classy vibe to paintings, and I use mostly muted colors as my color palette. If you want to add a touch of subtlety, try mixing muted colors using complementary hues. It’s a simple yet powerful technique that we’ll explore in this short guide and video.

Basic Steps:

Pick a Base Color:
Start with a color you like for your test. This will be your base color.

Find the Complement:
Look at the color wheel to find the opposite color – that’s your complementary color.

Mixing Ratios:
Experiment with mixing different amounts of your base color and its complement. More base color means a subtler, muted shade.

Blend Well:
Mix the colors thoroughly, making sure they blend nicely.


Versatility: Muted colors work well in various designs.
Timelessness: They don’t go out of style.
Harmony: Muted colors create a balanced and calm look.

Mixing muted colors with complementary hues is an easy way to bring elegance and a calming mood to your paintings. Whether you’re a beginner or exploring colors, give it a try and enjoy the subtle charm it adds to your creations.

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