How To Create Your Own Color Palette


Quick and Easy: DIY Acrylic Color Wheel with Red, Blue, and Yellow!

Let’s get started with a fun DIY – making a color wheel using red, blue, and yellow acrylic paint. Have you ever created your own color wheel? Doing this helps you in so many ways, but the main reason I want you to try it is to help you get to know your paints!


  1. Acrylic paper or any sturdy paper.
  2. Grab acrylic paints in red, blue, and yellow. In the video below I use Naphthol Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, and Cerulean Blue.
  3. Get your brushes.
  4. Keep some water nearby.
  5. Pencil or charcoal.


  1. Circle:
    • Draw a circle. Keep it loose and fun – no need to be a perfectionist here.
  2. Divide:
    • Split the circle into thirds for red, blue, and yellow. I make a triangle.
  3. Paint:
    • Dive in with red, blue, and yellow
  4. Mix:
    • Watch the magic as you mix red and blue for purple, blue and yellow for green, and yellow and red for orange. Fill those spaces.
  5. Tertiary:
    •  Mix a primary with a secondary color for cool tertiary shades. Fill in the gaps and vibe it out.

The video below is a replay of my Tuesday at 2 FB live video. It will help you create your color wheel.


Another great reason to try this is to begin mixing paint colors that can be your “secret sauce” to create more unique and original paintings! Finding colors that you love and writing down the names of the colors that you mixed can propel your paintings and set them apart.

Hope you find this helpful!