Framing Canvas Art


Framing Canvas Art

There is nothing that can really finish a painting like a frame. I’ve been so surprised by how some of my smaller canvas art has been transformed by simply adding a frame! It bulks up the size of the piece and adds so much style!

You can dress your painting up with a really ornate frame, or you can add more texture and rustic vibes to an already vintage look.

Here’s an example of my painting, Studio Chair, with and without a frame.

It really makes a huge difference! There are many ways that you can add a frame to your canvas painting. I give you a couple of ways here in this video. One way is using finishing nails but the best thing I’ve found is something called canvas clips. Watch this video (which was recorded live so there is no editing out my goofiness!) and you’ll see how I use these clips!


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Do you frame your artwork? What is your favorite way to finish a painting with a frame?

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