An Inspiring Community!

An Inspiring Community


“Those jellyfish you recently painted were so beautiful! Where did you get the idea to paint jellyfish?”

Someone recently asked me this question. I thanked them for the compliment and without skipping a beat began telling them about this great group of artists that I get together with every Friday. We chat about everything from varnish to jellyfish. It’s my Creative Community, and I LOVE IT!

I told her about how encouraging, motivating, and excited these artists are!  The jellyfish idea came from one of our members during a discussion we were having about what our new theme for the month should be.

Without this inspiring community, this jellyfish painting would not exist. I am so blessed to lead them every week in a new painting lesson and teach them how to paint with a palette knife, but they are inspiring me in so many ways!

These artists amaze me with what they are accomplishing. Some are finding joy in the creative process that they never knew before! Some of these ladies are beginning to sell their artwork for the first time! Some are teaching classes of their own, and some are building awesome online businesses!

Finding an inspiring community of like-minded creatives will boost your own creativity and help you in ways that you didn’t even know you were lacking.

Creating this group has changed my life, my family’s life, and the lives of others, too! However, I almost let fear keep me from starting this group or teaching online at all!


If you know me, you know that I am quiet, shy, reserved…whatever you want to call it….I don’t like to be in the spotlight…period. So when I began feeling this tug towards giving in to the questions and requests for me to show how I created the things that I was posting on Facebook, I wanted to shrink back. Staying in my comfort zone behind the computer and just letting my art do the talking would have been the easy route to take.

BUT I DIDN’T give in to the fear…I took a leap of faith and found myself in a new and very unfamiliar place. Making videos of my process and seeing the progress of those who bought and tried the tutorials became so exciting! Much to my own surprise….I actually LIKE teaching! No, I really LOVE it!

Not only has this leap of faith changed my creative life, boosted my self-confidence, and shown me how to step outside of my comfort zone; it has also changed my family’s life financially.

Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed that I would be on camera, making videos, teaching art classes and making a full time income from it! NEVER!

Y’all! if you are “on the fence” about learning to paint or taking your art to the next level, don’t give in to the fear. DO IT! Step through that doorway! You have no idea what may be inside. It’s time to believe and invest in yourself.

If you are “on the fence” about your next step, message me, email me ([email protected]), or comment here and let’s chat about it. I would love to encourage you!


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  1. Hobosart18

    Being a part of this Creative Community is a great experience! It is truly a community of creative, talented and supportive artists and Amanda is a wonderful teacher! I enjoy learning with this group! Thank you for the opportunity!