A Look Inside My Creative Community


Have you ever wondered what’s inside my Creative Community? It’s so much more than it used to be. When we started this group back in 2017 it was very much like what my Palette Knife Painting For Beginners group is now. We just painted step by step tutorials using a palette knife and acrylic paint. My Creative Community has changed and really evolved into a hub of creativity that will help you grow!


In one sentence, what I provide in my Creative Community could be described like this…

In this gentle learning environment, I provide artists the freedom to experiment and grow, giving you the tools and confidence needed to begin creating original art.



Want to see what’s inside?

I gave a behind the scenes tour over on my Facebook page. You can watch it here!


Are you searching for more than just step by step painting instruction?

Do you love to paint but are looking for ways to make your work unique?

Are you ready to begin finding your own style and want freedom to experiment with different ideas, mediums, and dig deeper into your own potential?

If so, I created this group just for you. Join us here: Creative Community